Show me your legs!(Anne’s favorite five… Vol. 2)

I LOVE hosiery. I do. I make up reasons to wear stockings, legwarmers, fishnets, knee-highs, texture, color, layers layers layers.

We now have the exclusive for Hoboken from Hansel from Basel, Lisa B, Philippe Matignon, and Hortensia Handknits.

Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Cotton….GORGEOUS!!!! Come by to see (and feel) for yourselves! priced at $18-$185.

My morning at the Brooklyn Flea

On Sunday I and one of my besties, Miss Gail, nipped across two rivers to check out the happenings at Brooklyn Flea at their winter location in the old Williamsburg Bank.  We were taken aback when entering the gorgeous space. This was truly one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve been in in so long!  Vintage was mostly the thing to find. And of vintage mostly small things like clothing, accessories, jewelry, and collectibles.  There was a little furniture but not a ton.  It was super easy to park so going on a cold rainy day was a cinch.  I’m planning on going in a few weeks when i have a little more time to browse the vintage accessories. There’s a pair of kelly green glasses i can’t get out of my head!!

Our trip in was worth it to simply see the old bank.  The icing on the cake was to find two great vendors who we are already arranging in store events with! One handmade clothing and one skin products.  We will definitely keep you posted about both of these exciting finds!

The journey of the Ninja.

When making cookies with your 6 yr old make sure you have the following:

1. A good friend there to run interference with your 13 month old.

2. A bottle of champagne. And a beer.

3. Limitless supply of wierd candy-like thingies to decorate with.

4. Dinner already prepared because making about 53 Ninjabread men is going to take about 2 hrs whether you think so or not.

5. A cleaning-person coming the next morning because your entire kitchen will be covered with flour and tiny multi-colored dinosaur decoration candy thingies.

The Yum Yums are made. We are set to ice them tonight…scarey. this could be another 2 hrs right? I screwed up with #5. Really I just didn’t have #5. Now i just have the 13 month old cleaning the floor by eating all the candy thingies and sliding around in the crumbs and flour.

An army of Ninjabread men (and women) with various appendages missing.

(To think i saved a ball of dough to make more with the 7 yr old when she returns home this weekend.  eeeeek)

Itty-bitty and oh-so-pretty!!!

Adorable barrettes from France…

I’m not even an animal person (sorry everyone, i’m just not.) But I’m obsessed with these teeny treasures here in our Land of Little Things.  They are $11 and perfect for the animal lovin’ besty in your life (or the not-so animal lovin’)

Leopard dogs? They’re like little puppycats!!!

The land of little things…

So a few nights ago i went to the Prince St. opening of Chris Burch’s new venture, C Wonder. A brightly-lit impeccably-merchandised retail land of all things preppy, shiney, and inexpensive (relatively) from China. Though taken by the foldable “python” ballet slippers ($78?) and the fact that the store even sold bike helmets, I was most mesmerized by all the tiniest snacks i’ve ever seen.  Tiny hamburgers stacked high but only one inch in diameter, tiny paper cones filled with tiny french fries, tiny popsicles about an inch and a half high!  I left thinking one thing-well actually two: I need to make more note of all the tiny things i love on a daily basis and that i was really hungry (three tiny snacks do NOT a meal-capable-of-absorbing-3-glasses-of-wine make…).  Here is born my segment:  “The Land of Little Things”

Teeny Tiny passed snacks were the hit of the party!

As far as the shop, I plan to go back for a few items like a monkey-mug for $8 and another look at the cheapie footwear. As far as clothing it wasn’t my thing but the vast selection made me want to re-stock the racks of Peper and Parlor all over again! We are selling through things so quickly! I’m really looking forward to a big gift offering in our new Land of Little Things!  Now I’m off to add to our holiday buy.

Stay tuned…