Welcome Williamsburg Garment Co!

Recently we met with Maurice of Williamsburg Garment Co. I thought the idea of a one man operation selling great, well-priced denim was a perfect fit for us so i reached out to him last week.  The article in WWD from January touted him as one to watch and someone who’d been around fashion in so many ways for so long that my curiosity was definitely peaked. He arrived with a little rolly carry-on type suitcase with just about 12 pairs (most vendors will come with a coffin-like case containing about 40 pairs of oh-so-slightly different jeans in a bazillion washes…). The jeans are clean, well-priced ($102), and will definitely add a little Brooklyn to our primarily L.A. based assortment!

Starting with a boyfriendy kind of easy jean made the most sense since we’ve been absolutely stuffing ourselves into all the skinnies all winter!  To follow we’ll introduce the skinny and once y’all get the taste (and give us the feedback) who knows from there!

Just in this week: Williamsburg Garment Co!