what’s in her bag? peper girls reveal! (take it with typos…learning photoshop!:) )

So our darling Adriana (yes! Adriana is back!) suggested a fab idea for our readers! Since we are always interested in each other’s  varied accouterments, we thought it would be cool to share what’s in our bags.

We all jumped at the chance to “spill the beans”…

Adriana’s Beracamy Paris satchel:

 highlights: the bubble yum gum is a childhood throwback! plus, we love the preppy train satchel by beracamy, it has four compartments so its perfect to house all the “necessities” of the everyday chaos

Yomaira’s Clare Vivier crossbody:

highlights:  the Yarnz cashmere scarf (keeps this caribbean girl extra warm in the almost chilly weather), the marc jacobs shades are a staple at peper…by the way,  i love all things Clare Vivier?

Brenda’s sparkling Monserat De Lucca tote:

highlights: the linea pelle zip wallet (always in stock at peper), brenda’s gorgeous yarnz tapestry scarf, and the adorable cloth covered hairpins from montreal’s carolina villamarin (a peper exclusive)!

Anne’s 49 Square Miles carryall: 

highlights: the flashlight & hoboken parking ticket …just kidding! we love Anne’s gorgeous earrings from a peace treaty and she swears by the single strap 49 square miles super supple leather bag (an easy pick for a mom on the go)!

Show me your legs!(Anne’s favorite five… Vol. 2)

I LOVE hosiery. I do. I make up reasons to wear stockings, legwarmers, fishnets, knee-highs, texture, color, layers layers layers.

We now have the exclusive for Hoboken from Hansel from Basel, Lisa B, Philippe Matignon, and Hortensia Handknits.

Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Cotton….GORGEOUS!!!! Come by to see (and feel) for yourselves! priced at $18-$185.

Anne’s Favorite Five (give or take!) vol 1.

Often in the shop the question directed to me is: “What are you loving right now?” Well having had the shop for 17 years, at this point I’ve become very selective with what comes home with me (especially since we live in a one room apt now!) However, there are ALWAYS about 3 (or 4, or 5, or 6…) things that I think are MUSTS!! This week I introduce our newest pieces of what I think is well-done, wearable, delicious, well-fitting etc etc etc!! I personally OWN all these pieces and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

The BEST pencil skirt I’ve had in awhile. Just a little more interesting than black. Constructed of the stretch jersey that Butter by Nadia is famous for. Super flattering, totally versatile!

Hi-low cotton/cashmere sweater with leather sleeve trim from Mason. SEXY! Michelle doing anything with leather will get my attention every time!! Perfect light weight: I’m wearing it already!

Mother denim delivering the most comfy fitted skinny in the shop. Here in “Grand Sophie” which is like a light bluish black. Totally sexy. I got these because until lately I really haven’t been a big wearer of black but these seem a little softer, more subtle…

Crown Jewel henley is DELICIOUS! I swore off henley tees many years ago (not sure why…) but this one jumped into my arms on my trip to Fred Segal in Los Angeles and we’ve since ordered and reordered 3 times here at the shop!! Cotton/modal/lycra. Shape holds so well I can wear it twice without it looking stretched.

Enter: our little gems from Mei Vintage. I must confess I don’t yet have this one but I’m sure I’ll buckle within a month and order one for myself! Made in California of vintage kimono fabric and leather with a detachable chain. Perfect little bag to wear day or night!!

Lastly, Fab Buckle booties from Argila. Did a big debate with myself and wasn’t sure i could rationalize another bootie but yes, THEY ARE DIFFERENT!!! I needed them. I’m wearing (ie:loving) them right now…

Bringing you the best of Los Angeles…

I recently took my first trip in a very long time to Los Angeles, California. Although I had some old friends to reunite with I also needed to get to those shops!!! I stayed in Venice Beach at Su Casa after a recommendation from a great client Marta who’d stayed a bit there while shuttling her son, Ezra Miller, back and forth for acting gigs. That in and of itself was a complete scene! Between the singing troubadours who start at 9am and are unrelenting until sundown,  and the excess of “medical marijuana” I witnessed others “treating” themselves with, I had a lot of laughs every day. I actually saw a man pulling a decorated boom-box on a luggage cart that had flags all over it and was blasting a reggae version of “the itsy bitsy spider”…

My room was actually a fantastic suite facing the ocean-how funny i felt trying to spread-out in the space the first day since i’m so used to my teeny apartment here in Hoboken!

The last time I was in Venice (2000?) you could tattoo and drink and gawk at the beach/freak show but you couldn’t really SHOP.  The gorgeous pacific has called to many more than just the boardwalk freaks. The community if filled with artists, designers, great shops, and delicious restaurants.  When I explored Abbott Kinney (a street within walking distance of the beach) I was able to find incredible things including an adorable cardigan from LaLaLand, perfume from Lulu Beauty of Seattle, delicious scented candles from Nell’s Compass, kitschy Swedish kitchenware from Lotta Kuhlhorn I  had the best lunch of my trip at Gjelina.

It didn’t end there. On another gorgeous 79 degree day I headed just a few miles up the coast to Santa Monica where Fred Segal has a location.  There I fell in love with tees from Crown Jewel and 88 Orange, Mei Vintage bags,  and more! Some of my favorite purchases are below:

I did also have a little incident at Fred Segal in Santa Monica with these lovers:

Yes, i did buy a pair of Pedro Garcia sandals at the end of Summer…they were that FAB!!! It was my Birthday prezzie afterall….!!

My other best meal was dinner at The Village Idiot on Melrose where one of my great friends, Michelle (“Meeshee”) helps hold down the fort. We had an amazing kale salad and all kinds of special num-nums and cocktails with her hubby, Jeremy. Definitely worth re-visiting and eating at again!

I’m planning another trip this Fall when I plan to shop more in Hollywood as well as shop a great trade fair so who knows what i will find next!

Welcome Williamsburg Garment Co!

Recently we met with Maurice of Williamsburg Garment Co. I thought the idea of a one man operation selling great, well-priced denim was a perfect fit for us so i reached out to him last week.  The article in WWD from January touted him as one to watch and someone who’d been around fashion in so many ways for so long that my curiosity was definitely peaked. He arrived with a little rolly carry-on type suitcase with just about 12 pairs (most vendors will come with a coffin-like case containing about 40 pairs of oh-so-slightly different jeans in a bazillion washes…). The jeans are clean, well-priced ($102), and will definitely add a little Brooklyn to our primarily L.A. based assortment!

Starting with a boyfriendy kind of easy jean made the most sense since we’ve been absolutely stuffing ourselves into all the skinnies all winter!  To follow we’ll introduce the skinny and once y’all get the taste (and give us the feedback) who knows from there!

Just in this week: Williamsburg Garment Co!

what we’ve been up to…

Soo its been over a month since we’ve written a post on our blog  (shame on us!). We’ve been swamped with the arrival of summer goodies to our shop, photo shoots for our site, and keeping up with our customers and our weekend shenanigans! Excuses, excuses…we know. 

Here are 10 things we’ve been up to!

1. We hosted our Spring Trunk Shows & Pop-up Shops featuring Sol Angeles, Twinkle, Twig Terrariums, and the like…we even had a DIY terrarium day! So. Much. Fun.

2. DJ “Dr” Peters & the Vinyl Snooze graced us with his presence once again (we cant get enough of this guy and his record player!).

3. Lots of our customers had babies! You know who you are! We love you!!!

4. We’ve been staring longingly at this bag…it makes us want to go on vacation…like NOW:

Imagestela 9 weekender $273

5. We’ve decided that Saturdays will officially become crafting days, we will be working on tons of DIY projects at the shop. Oh, and p.s. you’re invited!

6. Our plants are still alive! Please hold your applause until August when the jig will quickly be up.

7. We have a new favorite dress…feast your eyes on this beauty from Butter By Nadia! Commence the coveting:

ImageBBN Princess Seamed Dress $275

8. We are planning our summertime BBQ…we cant wait to unveil our games! The hula hoop competition RULED last year so we are keeping the fun coming!

9. It’s officially “summer” in Hoboken: we saw someone walking down the street in a bikini. A. BIKINI. And it wasn’t this one. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

10. We are having a Red, White, and Blue Memorial Day Special THIS WEEKEND 15% off all red, white, and blue! We’ll be here all weekend helping you with your blue jean and white tee summer gear! You heard it here first!


peper gals, over and out!

sneak peek: photo shoot

S P R I N G  =  Goodies galore at peper and parlor!

lucky for us, our BFF and professional model/actress Mayra Radzinski is kind enough to lend her talents to our lovely website.

These photo shoots are oh-so-long but we make it SO MUCH FUN!

The pics below will take you “behind the scenes”  at our photographer Craig Wallace Dale’s studio in Hoboken!

oh mayra…beautiful & funny!

the master photographer hard at work

we love this piece by Mes Demoiselles

the stunner

stylist, shoot director, crouching tiger


life imitates art? we love raquel allegra’s caftan!

mayra/yomaira: the curly expert summit

a star is born! you are ahhh-mazing craig!

that over-the-shoulder smile is to-die-for lady! teach us!!!!

this is it! we can’t stand the fabulosity!


fun times at peper!

We had such a great time last weekend with Twitch & Whiskers and Folk Couture!

These two ladies drove to Hoboken from Connecticut with their awesome goodies in tow…and boy were we excited!

Take a look at the Twitch and Whiskers blog for the full low-down!!!

Why do we love EVERYTHING? I’m asking myself…

After last week in the market for fall 2012, I find myself wondering why we can still love everything? It’s as if we don’t already have and have never had anything!  We’ve been besides ourselves all week reviewing and re-reviewing all the photos from the buy. Yomaira and I spent a good part of the week in the market shopping for fall.  We got so excited that we found ourselves cutting off each others sentences and spitting food out when trying to discuss the days sitings over lunch or dinner.  We saw so much adorable “prep” style with little touches of plaid and fair isle. We took notes on about FIVE coats from Lauren Moffatt that were all PERFECT! There are three new jean resources we wrote orders with, Naked and Famous out of Canada, Williamsburg Garment Co from NYC, and  Skargorn designed out of Los Angeles. All of these offered the clean, dark, rinse, dungaree-type look i’m obsessing over right now.

Boyish rinse denim-LOVE!

Coclico delivered the goods with the perfect city walking chic booties. The new addition was chartreuse pony fur low wedge loafers with grey suede trim.  Chie Mihara rocked my world (again) with amazing wedge booties with fur ankle trim (also known as the boot i’m ordering and wearing everyday from sept 1st until snowfall..), chunky lace-up platforms, and girly touches like 1″ polka dot pieces and dottie metallic applique that looked like tiny jewels…  (LONG BREATH HERE…..) I’m getting that rushy breathy feeling just trying to write it all down!! (where’s Yomaira when i need to be hyper and interrupt someone…?! 🙂 )

Oh yes, and lest i forget the new line for us, By Ti Mo, from Norway.  The order for them is chock-full of perfect wool-blend ribbed under-pieces like tanks with lace trim, long-sleeved layering tees, and the slips…oh the slips:

The undershirt for EVERYTHING!

The little slippie we neeeed....

Yomo and I jointly decided that EVERYTHING needs a tight slip. Over leggings, over jeans, under dresses, peaking out this way and that way under baggy Raquel Allegra tees and all the luxurious alpaca sweaters we found (see “Oh, the sweaters” below!).  The softer the better. The tighter the cuter…. We just couldn’t stop! Black, heather, nudie pinks, ashen greys and blues more nudie pinks… We are sick over it all. You will be seeing our asses just about everyday bopping around in these things as we bought a s**t-ton of them!!  Hopefully you’ll agree!  It’s starting with Spring/Summer but will be a full-blown obsession by the upcoming Fall!

The nudie pink we saw from almost EVERYONE!

This brings me to my new search for asymmetrical leggings and tights. I walked into one of the trade fairs telling my partner in crime that i NEED tights with a different front than back or different legs and we walked out with Hansel from Basil tights with gorgeous details like faux-knee pads, and contrast color back and front “seams”. Then just when i was having a conniption for this asymmetry we got great leggings from The Furies with grey/black zig zag print different on each leg. (not to mention the knit pencil skirt with the same pattern…) Which brings me to PENCIL SKIRTS.

The same as the tight slip-things, we NEED knit pencil skirts. I don’t know what is in the water around here but we are both drinking it and Yomaira and i  agree that just as we need the tight slips for under we need those damn knit pencil skirts.  So up coming are such items from: The Furies,  Butter by Nadia, Sol Angeles, Raquel Allegra, Mason, and anyone else who we thought did it right!

Oh the sweaters: Well we liked (sometimes loved) our sweaters this fall but clearly you did too! So this fall the FOCUS is on the perfect sweaters. Every single one of our clients seem to buy one ri-dunk-ulous sweater each fall and I simply don’t think we had enough to go around judging from the fact that it’s 30 degrees out right now and i think there are literally only 2 pieces of cashmere left in the store right now!  We’ve made it our mission to offer the absolute BEST sweaters ever! There will be alpaca, wool, cashmere, and cotton from Margaret O’Leary, Gary Graham, Velvet, Made By, Suss, Mason, Lauren Moffatt, and Hortensia! We will have it: cardigans, preppy fair isle, drapey off the shoulder, floor length dusters, capes, etc…..

Ok, it’s probably not even right that i could just rant about fall like it’s next week when as i write there are two boxes of amazing spring newness from Ulla Johnson and Graham and Spencer to unpack right now!! So stop in this week and check out the gorgeousness!



My morning at the Brooklyn Flea

On Sunday I and one of my besties, Miss Gail, nipped across two rivers to check out the happenings at Brooklyn Flea at their winter location in the old Williamsburg Bank.  We were taken aback when entering the gorgeous space. This was truly one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve been in in so long!  Vintage was mostly the thing to find. And of vintage mostly small things like clothing, accessories, jewelry, and collectibles.  There was a little furniture but not a ton.  It was super easy to park so going on a cold rainy day was a cinch.  I’m planning on going in a few weeks when i have a little more time to browse the vintage accessories. There’s a pair of kelly green glasses i can’t get out of my head!!

Our trip in was worth it to simply see the old bank.  The icing on the cake was to find two great vendors who we are already arranging in store events with! One handmade clothing and one skin products.  We will definitely keep you posted about both of these exciting finds!