Can you explain love to me? (a little contest)

What is love?

I’m feeling stymied by this question lately.

I’m pretty sure i love (and am possibly “In love” with) my children. Beyond that I am losing site of what it actually means to love, be in love, or even be loved for that matter.  Does this make me a cynic?  Does it seem like somewhat of a negative attitude on my part?  It’s just so abstract. I’m not trying to be a downer…just looking for answers to the harder questions i guess!!

I turn to you all to open my eyes to love.  Any answers are welcomed…

What is love?

Post your answer in my comments by this Tuesday, 2/14,  and you’ll be entered to win a scrumptious tie-dyed  Love Tanjane scarf ($84 value) of your choosing!

I knew i could count on you all!!

Our little land is growing…

glass ornament

Our land of Little Things is finally all stocked and ready for the Holidays!  We are all making our lists here at the shop and finding so much of what we need right here in this little land of little cuteness and surprises!

This land is our land...

  1. Russian nesting doll glass set  $18.95
  2. Hand-dyes boy shorts $49.00
  3. Little Terrier barrettes $11.00
  4. Perfect gold hoop earrings  $49.00
  5. Zum glow soy candles  $16.00
  6. Gorjana neon leather bracelets $52
  7. Sparkly little clutch purses  $49
  8. Shimmer leather totes  $220
  9. Adorable toddler tees all hand-printed $24
  10. Gorgeous shea butter products in sets for $54
  11. Chunky, fingerless, cable knit gloves $46
  12. Little Red Ridinghood notebook sets $18
  13. Wool over the knee argyle socks  $30
  14. Floyd by Moss Mills leather keychains  $26
  15. “Salt n Peeper” birdie salt/pepper shakers  $18

And it goes on and on and on!