Sadly, we say goodbye to our favorite “tease”, Jessica…with a tribute:

Well to dispel the rumors that Jess is a hair-teaser, I swear to all of you in blog-world that the front of our beautiful Jessica’s hair is NOT teased or “bumped”! Her natural “elvis”, as we call it, is her hair having a mind of it’s own (imagine that?)

This Saturday is Jessica’s last day with us!  We’ll miss Jess as she says goodbye to us at Peper & Parlor to go off to the big grown-up business world for a position at a national and online retailer.  Her dry wit and quick come backs (not even to mention her obsessive swiffering) will be missed!  Stop by for our Saturday send-off!

Good luck, Jess and we fully expect Saturday stop-ins with Easy-E for champers and dress-up fun!!

Thanks for being so great!


The Ladies