Can you explain love to me? (a little contest)

What is love?

I’m feeling stymied by this question lately.

I’m pretty sure i love (and am possibly “In love” with) my children. Beyond that I am losing site of what it actually means to love, be in love, or even be loved for that matter.  Does this make me a cynic?  Does it seem like somewhat of a negative attitude on my part?  It’s just so abstract. I’m not trying to be a downer…just looking for answers to the harder questions i guess!!

I turn to you all to open my eyes to love.  Any answers are welcomed…

What is love?

Post your answer in my comments by this Tuesday, 2/14,  and you’ll be entered to win a scrumptious tie-dyed  Love Tanjane scarf ($84 value) of your choosing!

I knew i could count on you all!!