mason jar? or traveling mug?

guess what we discovered?!

A lid for Mason Jars!!!

We may be some of the last folks on the planet to find it out, but the folks at CUPPOW are our summer-time heros!

Let’s talk about it…you know we love us some mason jars, and a little someone we know (named Courtney Jean) carries one around with iced tea…

guess what Court? We got you a fabulous sippy lid!

What other uses do you have for Mason Jars? Let us know in the comments below and WIN a Cuppow Lid from the girls @ Peper and Parlor!

dreaming of summer?


So, in anxious anticipation of fair weather and all its glorious warmth, we share with you one of our favorite summer cocktails…

2 parts champers

1 part st. germain liquor

toss in a few grapes

…and get ready for a whole lotta lounging!

Cheers to summer!

Post your favorite summer drink in the comments below for a chance to win a bottle of St. Germain!