My morning at the Brooklyn Flea

On Sunday I and one of my besties, Miss Gail, nipped across two rivers to check out the happenings at Brooklyn Flea at their winter location in the old Williamsburg Bank.  We were taken aback when entering the gorgeous space. This was truly one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve been in in so long!  Vintage was mostly the thing to find. And of vintage mostly small things like clothing, accessories, jewelry, and collectibles.  There was a little furniture but not a ton.  It was super easy to park so going on a cold rainy day was a cinch.  I’m planning on going in a few weeks when i have a little more time to browse the vintage accessories. There’s a pair of kelly green glasses i can’t get out of my head!!

Our trip in was worth it to simply see the old bank.  The icing on the cake was to find two great vendors who we are already arranging in store events with! One handmade clothing and one skin products.  We will definitely keep you posted about both of these exciting finds!

Guess who “went to the chapel”?!

Yesterday Peper & Parlor’s very own beautiful Yomaira wed her love, Tacuma, in a civil service at New York’s city hall! Their elopement was a surprise to about 40 friends and families when they arrived at their “engagement party” last night at Hoboken’s Elysian Cafe.  We are so excited for them and their decision!! Yomi is in a gorgeous Butter by Nadia signature wrap dress which suited her PERFECTLY!!  I was honored to be there with Arthur and enjoy the perfect moment they created.  The food and wine were delicious. Yomaira did such an incredible job planning and had such elegant touches like a delicious coconut-topped cake from Hoboken’s Sweet, individually-boxed cupcakes also from Sweet, paper heart garland, teeny portraits of the couple in little ornate paper frames…etc etc..

Yomi, you out DID your self (as usual). The night was hilarious from start to finish from Tamara and I fighting her to “let” us help with flowers and decorating, to Tacuma’s father, William, having a bilingual a capella performance.  Unfortunately I had to leave to put the bubby to bed and missed the speeches…yes speeches! I’m hoping for a recap from someone soon!!

I wish them a live of love and laughter.  Sorry boys, the hottest girl i know if now officially OFF the market !!!



The journey of the Ninja.

When making cookies with your 6 yr old make sure you have the following:

1. A good friend there to run interference with your 13 month old.

2. A bottle of champagne. And a beer.

3. Limitless supply of wierd candy-like thingies to decorate with.

4. Dinner already prepared because making about 53 Ninjabread men is going to take about 2 hrs whether you think so or not.

5. A cleaning-person coming the next morning because your entire kitchen will be covered with flour and tiny multi-colored dinosaur decoration candy thingies.

The Yum Yums are made. We are set to ice them tonight…scarey. this could be another 2 hrs right? I screwed up with #5. Really I just didn’t have #5. Now i just have the 13 month old cleaning the floor by eating all the candy thingies and sliding around in the crumbs and flour.

An army of Ninjabread men (and women) with various appendages missing.

(To think i saved a ball of dough to make more with the 7 yr old when she returns home this weekend.  eeeeek)

Oh, thank you cute man with cupcakes…

Thank you Crumbs...

So yesterday a lovely man with a bandana on his head and no coat came in from Crumbs and delivered a dozen of the cutest little ol’ cuppie cakies you ever did see. Now i’m a big fan of local, privately-run, mom & pop joints like Sweet here in hoboken, but I gotta say the little tray was quite a welcomed treat! The man said they were just out gettin’ the word out about their delicious cake and thought they’d drop a few calories on the gals at peper and parlor!  I’d busy been setting up Dr. Peters’ table for his Vinyl Snooze this Saturday and hadn’t had time to eat lunch so:

Thanks to Crumb bakery on Washington st. in Hoboken for dropping those tiny blasts of flavor on us up at the shop!! xoxoxox