so much good!

We’ve been missing-in-action on the blog scene since last August (almost a year now). This year has been a whirlwind with so many *good* changes and we are so excited for the year ahead.

Here are some highlights…

This year we published our very first peper & parlor lookbook – it was so much fun! Be sure to keep your eye out for our next big project.

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 2.10.26 PM

Late last summer we went on our first ever “team-building” retreat to Puerto Rico! We had such an amazing time at the Caribe Hilton, strolling down the streets of Old San Juan, and checking out the local scene at Piñones beach. Anne a.k.a. “big sexy” even got a free surf lesson, haaa! We also had a chance to meet some of Yomaira’s family in the mountains of Caguas, P.R. We can’t wait for the next trip.

photo 1

photo 2

We’ve also welcomed some really awesome new lines by independent designers. You’ll see dedicated blog posts to those in the future. One of the sneaky best-selling line is Upper Metal Class – handmade minimalist jewelry on the west coast by artist T. Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 1.35.43 PMWe also have a new staff member in the ranks! The peper and parlor newbie is Ashley. After a few post-grad years on the island of St. John she’s back on the continental U.S. and honing her retail and event planning skills. You’ll see her at the shop on weekends and some weekdays.Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 1.50.30 PM

Our e-commerce site is chock-full of the best pieces in the shop. Our former staffer-turned-photo editor at Conde Nast, Brenda continues to blow us away with her photography and endless creativity.

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 2.06.20 PMCheck out our site and tell us what you think!

There is lots more happening and we can’t wait to tell you about it!


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The best pre-fall look: August 2013

Hey there dear friends! We hope your summer is going well and we hope you’ve plenty of time in the surf & sand!

Over here in Hoboken, we’ve been gearing up for fall in a serious way. Deliveries from Coclico, Chie Mihara, P.Monjo, Velvet, Burning Torch, Mother Denim, Mason by Michelle Mason, and others have been pouring in.

Below is one of our favorite pre-fall “looks”:


Mother Denim Corduroys

Mason Leather Front Tunic (available online soon)

Burning Torch Recycled Cashmere Sweater

Chie Mihara Bebeto Bootie


*thanks to our dear friend Beth H. for modeling this look for us*


Why do we love EVERYTHING? I’m asking myself…

After last week in the market for fall 2012, I find myself wondering why we can still love everything? It’s as if we don’t already have and have never had anything!  We’ve been besides ourselves all week reviewing and re-reviewing all the photos from the buy. Yomaira and I spent a good part of the week in the market shopping for fall.  We got so excited that we found ourselves cutting off each others sentences and spitting food out when trying to discuss the days sitings over lunch or dinner.  We saw so much adorable “prep” style with little touches of plaid and fair isle. We took notes on about FIVE coats from Lauren Moffatt that were all PERFECT! There are three new jean resources we wrote orders with, Naked and Famous out of Canada, Williamsburg Garment Co from NYC, and  Skargorn designed out of Los Angeles. All of these offered the clean, dark, rinse, dungaree-type look i’m obsessing over right now.

Boyish rinse denim-LOVE!

Coclico delivered the goods with the perfect city walking chic booties. The new addition was chartreuse pony fur low wedge loafers with grey suede trim.  Chie Mihara rocked my world (again) with amazing wedge booties with fur ankle trim (also known as the boot i’m ordering and wearing everyday from sept 1st until snowfall..), chunky lace-up platforms, and girly touches like 1″ polka dot pieces and dottie metallic applique that looked like tiny jewels…  (LONG BREATH HERE…..) I’m getting that rushy breathy feeling just trying to write it all down!! (where’s Yomaira when i need to be hyper and interrupt someone…?! 🙂 )

Oh yes, and lest i forget the new line for us, By Ti Mo, from Norway.  The order for them is chock-full of perfect wool-blend ribbed under-pieces like tanks with lace trim, long-sleeved layering tees, and the slips…oh the slips:

The undershirt for EVERYTHING!

The little slippie we neeeed....

Yomo and I jointly decided that EVERYTHING needs a tight slip. Over leggings, over jeans, under dresses, peaking out this way and that way under baggy Raquel Allegra tees and all the luxurious alpaca sweaters we found (see “Oh, the sweaters” below!).  The softer the better. The tighter the cuter…. We just couldn’t stop! Black, heather, nudie pinks, ashen greys and blues more nudie pinks… We are sick over it all. You will be seeing our asses just about everyday bopping around in these things as we bought a s**t-ton of them!!  Hopefully you’ll agree!  It’s starting with Spring/Summer but will be a full-blown obsession by the upcoming Fall!

The nudie pink we saw from almost EVERYONE!

This brings me to my new search for asymmetrical leggings and tights. I walked into one of the trade fairs telling my partner in crime that i NEED tights with a different front than back or different legs and we walked out with Hansel from Basil tights with gorgeous details like faux-knee pads, and contrast color back and front “seams”. Then just when i was having a conniption for this asymmetry we got great leggings from The Furies with grey/black zig zag print different on each leg. (not to mention the knit pencil skirt with the same pattern…) Which brings me to PENCIL SKIRTS.

The same as the tight slip-things, we NEED knit pencil skirts. I don’t know what is in the water around here but we are both drinking it and Yomaira and i  agree that just as we need the tight slips for under we need those damn knit pencil skirts.  So up coming are such items from: The Furies,  Butter by Nadia, Sol Angeles, Raquel Allegra, Mason, and anyone else who we thought did it right!

Oh the sweaters: Well we liked (sometimes loved) our sweaters this fall but clearly you did too! So this fall the FOCUS is on the perfect sweaters. Every single one of our clients seem to buy one ri-dunk-ulous sweater each fall and I simply don’t think we had enough to go around judging from the fact that it’s 30 degrees out right now and i think there are literally only 2 pieces of cashmere left in the store right now!  We’ve made it our mission to offer the absolute BEST sweaters ever! There will be alpaca, wool, cashmere, and cotton from Margaret O’Leary, Gary Graham, Velvet, Made By, Suss, Mason, Lauren Moffatt, and Hortensia! We will have it: cardigans, preppy fair isle, drapey off the shoulder, floor length dusters, capes, etc…..

Ok, it’s probably not even right that i could just rant about fall like it’s next week when as i write there are two boxes of amazing spring newness from Ulla Johnson and Graham and Spencer to unpack right now!! So stop in this week and check out the gorgeousness!