searching for the perfect bookcase

Yomaira here on the blog-o-sphere! No, I wont subject you to my free-style rhymes (you should be so lucky!).

So Tacuma and I are on the search of the perfect bookcase. I have a vintage bookcase passed down from my family where I keep all my pertinent dissertation books at hand near my desk. I painted it purple and ka-boom! I’ve got a little gem on my hands!

ANYWAY, Tacuma feels left out and is wanting his own “special bookcase” for his tomes. We’ve toyed with the idea of building one, but really? How far will our grad student procrastination take us? We thought this, this, or even a whole new home furnished by Palo Samko would work but none of them are “the” bookcase. Are we being too picky?  On my search I found these awesome pieces by The Utility Collective appendageandbough, and unlimitedwoodworks. Do we just need to hit-up Brooklyn Flea again?

What do you think? A little too much effort on a tiny part of our apartment? Or a perpetual weekend project for me and my hubby?

yomo over & out!

P.S. this is my “dream a little dream” moment…i wish I could get my husband to agree to do this to our apartment…alas, he put the kibash on my dream!

My morning at the Brooklyn Flea

On Sunday I and one of my besties, Miss Gail, nipped across two rivers to check out the happenings at Brooklyn Flea at their winter location in the old Williamsburg Bank.  We were taken aback when entering the gorgeous space. This was truly one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve been in in so long!  Vintage was mostly the thing to find. And of vintage mostly small things like clothing, accessories, jewelry, and collectibles.  There was a little furniture but not a ton.  It was super easy to park so going on a cold rainy day was a cinch.  I’m planning on going in a few weeks when i have a little more time to browse the vintage accessories. There’s a pair of kelly green glasses i can’t get out of my head!!

Our trip in was worth it to simply see the old bank.  The icing on the cake was to find two great vendors who we are already arranging in store events with! One handmade clothing and one skin products.  We will definitely keep you posted about both of these exciting finds!