We’re getting there! (Simplified Living Experiment part 3)

Our room dividers: A work in progress! (you’ll see me working on these at the shop on Saturdays!)

It’s been 12 days since we’ve been sleeping in the new apartment. The relief of being in such a manageable, small space has set in.  The children seem so at ease with it all. Mommy is always right nearby. (Arthur seems to benefit from that even more than little Beatrice!)

My independent girl!

Already we’ve settled into a routine. Bea wakes up at 5:30ish (GRRR) and peers her tiny face over the side of her baby-cage and greets me with the cherished little “Mama?”.  Arthur just snoozes and rolls over. I get up with Baby Business and sit quietly having milk. She likes to wander out to the yard early in the morning by herself but i recently had to put a stop to it because as she was yelling her nonsense words up to the sky i realized it was only 6:30 and perhaps the rest of the neighborhood would prefer to be sleeping!

Arthur playing “school” with his animals. NOTE: strategic positioning up at the counter to keep Bea from wrecking the groups of pupils.

As always Arthur is thrilled to get up as soon as he realizes the party has started without him! Typically they start the day with a little chase ending with a bit of stowaway time in the cabinet in the chimney. This adorable little storage spot (above) has been dubbed the “housssse” by Business. She fearlessly sits in there and closes the (un-latchable) doors so she can sit in blackness.  She’s been dubbed my “creepy” child by her Auntie Yomaira.  Clearly i won’t be using it for storage any time soon…

Where we terrorize the baby…

The “family-shower” time has become a favorite of Arthur’s and mine but not so much of Beatrice. She just hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet. We’ve coaxed her a number of times but she’s not having any real part of it. I even went so far as to go in myself the other evening and let her wander to the edge fully clothed until i scooped her into my arms to participate. She did better that night but it will be harder getting her clean if she showers in pants and shirt!  I’m sure she’ll adjust with time.

Sink? I’m not a big fan.

The only thing really getting on my nerves so far is the sink. It’s about 14″ x 17″ if that. It’s basically a bar-sink (without the handiness of actually being part of a BAR!). It took so much effort and counter-flooding to wash the 3 baking pans we used that i considered having “family-shower” time with the pans and getting it over with.

So, all in all: so far so very very very good.

The front construction site…YUCK.

Now if only the contractors would finish the work out front on the steps and sidewalk so our “bedroom” right inside the front door wouldn’t have cement and brick dust all over the floor…

anne on wheels: part 1!

Watch out bikers, drivers, and pedestrians! Anne is officially on two wheels!!!

After a few weeks of waiting and debating, Anne has just tricked-out her new bicycle at Flo On Wheels in Hoboken!  Arthur had been asking mommy to go riding with him, but without a seat for Beatrice, how could they go all together?

Enter FLO: he tuned up the bike and made it baby-safe (and super cute!).

Anne took the bike for a test ride last week because she was a bit nervous to ride with 19-month old Bea without some practice. Here are a few pics of the first ride! More biking photos to come!

Keep and eye out for Anne and Bea and the Cenz at a park near you!

What, i need to pack? ( The Simplified Living Experiment: Part 2)

I’ve been preparing by making lots of gorgeous, pear-green wall shelves (you know i need my pear-green…) for the nooks in the kitchen. I’ve begun packing up our things in boxes. With only 4 days until we move, it dawned on me that i needed to be even more organized than i realized because Beatrice is curious about everything and anything and will potentially climb, move, eat, or destroy anything left on the floor or at her level. Simply plopping all our things down on the floor in a studio is going to create chaos. So the packing begins. (Packing…just to move downstairs…really?)

come and get it! WIN xirena!

we are loooooving the sexy little-things that just arrived from XiRENA!!!

The boy shorts and bralette line is hot hot hot!

If you didn’t get your pair during their holiday debut..now is the time.

The summer styles are just as sizzling!

We love the idea of wearing them under a soft white tee or a tank dress.

There’s nothing wrong with letting a little color shine through! haha!

Let us know what you think about the line!

We’ll chose one person to W I N a pair of XiRENA boy shorts!

Good day!

Leave a little something for the kinder-babes learning to read!  They are so so so happy with their newly acquired reading skills!!! I think about the how the smallest things make my 6 yr old son so happy.  I am always aware that this could change any minute and nothing short of a fancy pair of $150 sneakers or an iphone will be ok at that point… So far “Jo’s Yogurt O’s” in a message does it for him!  I pray for a few more years filled with these moments.

Oh, thank you cute man with cupcakes…

Thank you Crumbs...

So yesterday a lovely man with a bandana on his head and no coat came in from Crumbs and delivered a dozen of the cutest little ol’ cuppie cakies you ever did see. Now i’m a big fan of local, privately-run, mom & pop joints like Sweet here in hoboken, but I gotta say the little tray was quite a welcomed treat! The man said they were just out gettin’ the word out about their delicious cake and thought they’d drop a few calories on the gals at peper and parlor!  I’d busy been setting up Dr. Peters’ table for his Vinyl Snooze this Saturday and hadn’t had time to eat lunch so:

Thanks to Crumb bakery on Washington st. in Hoboken for dropping those tiny blasts of flavor on us up at the shop!! xoxoxox

So we’re finally online!

Hey everyone,
I finally got off my tushie and got us a real live website with pictures and products and prices and everything! I love this darn shop so much i just want to reach more people with our great things!
I hope you like it!
Tell your friends and help put us on the cyberspace map!!

With gratitude,

What what?

There are still so many lovely things on sale here at Peper apparel…like the innocent white sundress from Beyond Vintage, or the last two Lauren Moffat tile-print little chemises. We are just getting all giddy about fall (please don’t cringe or judge!) The spring/summer goodies need homes so we can roll out the Fall num-nums!! First up? Twinkle by Wenlan! We haven’t seen her in here in awhile but boy, it’s great to have her back! Also some yummy sculptured jewelry pieces from Mikal Winn just slithered out of their box! Oh it’s just the beginning i tell ya!

so come snatch up this lit’l bit o’ spring summer stuff so we can just do what we need to do and tempt you with crazy fall STYLE!!


PS. the “last pair” situation with Parlor shoes is DEEP!!! Chie’s, Frye’s, Coclico’s…what else do you need,girls?




Patio party this saturday!

Ok, so Yomaira and i are probably nuts (well, definitely) but we think it would be a blast to have a little patio party outside the shop this Saturday. Afterall, we’ve been working every Saturday since who knows when and it’s officially the beginning of summer!!!

So it’s ON. We’ll be grilling hot dogs and possibly having some “adult-beverages“.  We may even roll out the creaky cart and set up a schmancy mustard bar! Stop by and point and laugh at us! We’d love to serve you a doggie (or sell you a dress)!