The best pre-fall look: August 2013

Hey there dear friends! We hope your summer is going well and we hope you’ve plenty of time in the surf & sand!

Over here in Hoboken, we’ve been gearing up for fall in a serious way. Deliveries from Coclico, Chie Mihara, P.Monjo, Velvet, Burning Torch, Mother Denim, Mason by Michelle Mason, and others have been pouring in.

Below is one of our favorite pre-fall “looks”:


Mother Denim Corduroys

Mason Leather Front Tunic (available online soon)

Burning Torch Recycled Cashmere Sweater

Chie Mihara Bebeto Bootie


*thanks to our dear friend Beth H. for modeling this look for us*


Summer is almost here! UPDATES & more!

Guilty as charged.

We’ve been so busy buzzing around the shop that we haven’t had a chance to blog! Here are a few Spring/Summer 2013 updates from the Peper & Parlor crew! 

Since we last blogged our very own Tamara gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Sebastiano! He is an amazing bundle of sweetness!



Our in-house photographer & marketing tech just got a great new gig at Conde Nast (Bride’s Mag y’all)! We will miss you Brenda! xoxox!




Anne & the kiddos’ have some fresh new digs in Hoboken!

Between painting, moving, and potty training the Bea, Anne’s been busy busy busy! As soon as they settle in she’ll be sure to post an update!



The rest of us have been up to no-good (as per usual)!

We have some incredible plans lined up for the summer so keep checking in on us here, tumblr, twitter, facebook…and all the rest of those thingys (OH AND CHECK OUT OUR FABULOUS WEBSITE)!



A little something from us to you:


A perfect day with bestie, Gail!! NYC happy Earth day!

I spent the perfect day with my groovy gal, Gail, today in lower manhatten. She knows EVERYTHING. I have so little time to leave my mile square that going to NY with Gail is such a treat!!! That’s partially because SHE ROCKS (Duh) and partially because she knows SO much about great things to do and see!!! This was just a quick trip to acquire me a bathing suit and maybe have lunch. It ended up as follows:

Quick trip in on the Path train to Christopher st.


Then we zig-zag’d over to Houston and Sullivan (on all the sneaky backstreets Gail knows like the back of her hand) to Melvin’s Juice Box. Absolutely DELICIOUS, organic, filling, massive juices are served here! I got a “Lightening Bold Immune Booster” which I would definitely order again. There’s a great vibe in here. The lunch menu focuses mainly on Jamaican favorites like jerk chicken, rice and peas, plantains, etc.


Next up we set off to cross town to find Malia Mills on Mulberry St. for me to score a new bathing suit. I realize I don’t have one! With all the fantasy-travel plans I daydream about making I figured I need one ready to pack! (My flooded bathing suits included a great simple black bikini I’d had for about 20 yrs from Malia!) I found the perfect one-piece with great cut outs and removable strap (for all that tanning I do..haaa!). The gracious saleswoman was more than happy to offer to have one sewn just for me in the perfect color called Sequoia. Perfect customer service!

Moving along to one of Gail’s favorite stops: The Calypso “outlet” store. Everything is 1/2 off an already marked down price. Sizes and selection are very limited but with frequent trips in you can score a great piece.

Found a great little gift for Yomi at Canvas on Lafayette street. Today is her birthday and it’s so fun to get her stuff! This store has beautiful home and gift pieces. The pottery is especially clean and appealing.


A little farther up Lafayette is Morini. Gail had been dying to try this super popular eatery so this was the perfect time! Lunch is such a sneaky time to go out and eat since you can get into so many more places with no reservation. I had the “rucola salad” and the “Stracci.” which were superb. The pastas are all homemade and fantastic.


As if the gourmet buzz wasn’t enough we then headed over to Loopy Mango on Grand St. Ok this was the most incredible shop I’d been in a long long time! Gail discovered it recently and raved. She insisted I check it out with her and consider taking the knitting workshop on a Tuesday. Well the environment was so welcoming. Even though Gail has been in there only a few times the sweetest staff-member, “Mackenzie”, greeted her with familiarity. He was happy to show us around this treasure trove of knitting supplies, antiques, terrariums, and just great things! I am absolutely going to do a workshop there and think it would be a fabulous thing to do here at Peper with the Loopy Mango staff! (Stay tuned for this….)

Mission accomplished! New bathing suit on the way, great lunch with Gail, and made a great connection for an instore workshop.

Tam’s world…(bigger and better!!)

Hi everyone!

As you’ve noticed our sweet Tamara is lugging around a little concoction for about 30 weeks now. Although shes’s growing by the minute, she hasn’t lost touch with fashion!

Stop by and witness her in all her pre-mommy gorgeousness. And know that THESE are her top picks of the week here at the shop!!

Thanks for your Picks, Tam!

Thanks for your Picks, Tam!

Star tee by “Shine”(in store only), Lace blouse by “Raquel Allegra”, Lace back tank from “Clu” (in store only)

(She’s obviously staying focused on her softer side while she prepares to be outnumbered by the boys!)

Working it in all Peper pieces!!

Working it in all Peper pieces!!

Stay tuned…

xo, Anne

peper & parlor makeover!

peper & parlor makeover!

getting tired of the same ol’ flowers? need a splash of something new? here’s a sneak peek into our petite makeover…

the ‘big sexy boss’ (anne) decided: enough is enough! she put on her painting pants, brought out the ladder, and got to work.

we are so excited!
we are officially getting a whole new look…
one. wall. at. a. time.








keep a look out for updates soon!

peper girls

The perfect present…



Why is it that we find the best presents after the holidays? 





After spending a few days on the west coast, Anne returns to us at Peper with a renewed perspective. A fresh look, if you will, on not only what we currently have to offer at Peper but also what our future will be. Every so often this type of self-inventory is crucial, it allows us to grow and pushes us, willingly or not, to that next level of greatness. The timing of course couldn’t be better, as we are eagerly anticipating our Spring ’13 arrivals.

So while we are taking a look around to see what we can make better at Peper, Anne notices (really notices) a product we’ve been carrying from Fred Design. The mixed messages mug from Fred Design, is an ingenious little mug where you can write messages of your choosing with stickers that they provide. Image

This has the potential to be the perfect present! Instead of gifting this mug blank you could write out a girlfriend’s nickname, or the name of a pal’s favorite pet, or as Anne has decided to do write your true feelings about a certain person. I know it always seems that we find the perfect present after the holidays but this gem can be given any time of the year.       


For further information on Fred Design contact Peper & Parlor 201 795-9447

anne’s big sexy haircut!

Oh Anneall work and no play makes your hair a dullish tangled grove of madness!

Over the past year we’ve witnessed you fighting your golden-pink locks and have listened as you threatened to cut it all off (“once and for all! and by the way, good riddance!”).

Anne, today you took a step in a fresh (and sexy) direction and for that we shall dedicate this blog entry to YOU (and your shiny new tresses)! 

[p.s. thanks Lori from Hair Cult! you’re the best!]

Imagea rear view (haha)! anne chatting with her bestie patty

Imagebig sexy busts a move! visit us any saturday for a live demo…

Imageits a maniac! a really chic maniac!


and we call this the “tiger”…the best dressed tiger in town!

love ya’ anne! (don’t kill us),

xo, peper girls!



4th of July photo recap!

Yomaira & her husband Tacuma (“DJ” Dr. Peters) hosted a 4th of July shindig to rival them all!

Kiddie pools, home-cooked Puerto Rican food courtesy of Yomaira’s mom, and every possible side dish & snack you can imagine!  The grills were a-grillin’, and the liquor was bountiful. Tons of new friends to be made were all a plus! Check out our photo recap below (courtesy of our own Brenda Armendariz)

some refreshing lemonade ❤

bea was way into the grub!

mini cupcakes never hurt anyone!


grill going strong!

the sangria went so fast!

the kids went bonkers for the pools!

tacuma & the cenz watching the fireworks!

spectacular spectacular!

He said it…(simplified living experiment part 4)

This morning Arthur said what i’ve pretended i’m not really dreading:

“Can’t I just be ALOOOONE?!”

I answered, “No, you can’t.”

How do you tell your good boy who asks for one thing (OK, maybe three at most) for Christmas, who tells people, “I’m sorry your Dad died”, who takes his job at Mommy’s shop really seriously that no, he can NOT be alone?

Damn, it’s only been 2 weeks or so and he wondered what to do with his anger, energy, annoyance, and need to be alone. Don’t get me wrong; Arthur is one of the most touchy-feely-clingly 6 yr old I’ve ever met. BUT there are moments, clearly, that he wants to not be seen, heard, or touched. Few moments.  I questioned myself and my decision to put him living in one room with his baby sister and me around the clock…but just for a moment. I know this is right. Every time I come home and see the surmountable clutter or the safeness of our bunkbeds I know this is right. I love those children and although they drive me nuts with the constant chatter and perpetual face-raking (Arthur and Beatrice respectively) I know I want to be near them and them me.

So we continue. Tomorrow is a new day. I guess some more clear boundaries need to be ironed out. Maybe a “safe” word for Arthur.  Maybe he in the front area where the bed is while i take Bea in the yard or for one of her cherished showers…

I’m working on it.