paper flower project

we are a bit obsessed with flowers (and not only because the mini flower motif is in again).

we just love the life that flowers breathe into any room. so we are considering starting a paper flower project for the shop.

we want to make and hang colorful paper poms from our recessed ceiling shelves.

who wants to help?! we start in a about a week!

Crafting “Pop-Up” at Peper and Parlor…

So since I’m getting NOTHING done at night when the babes are sleeping, I decided to just bring all my sewing things to the shop and set up for the summer. There are always a million projects i’m cooking up in my head but it seems like once the clock strikes 9pm and the kids are to bed I’m just too exhausted to do anything besides watch crappy television or just go to bed.

The former site of our Holiday “Land of Little Things” has become our little craft Pop-up!  Last Saturday we had myself as well as some adorable neighbors (Tessa and Delphine both 13 yrs old) stitching away. In between helping customers on what turned out to be a crazy-busy day in the shop, I was still able to get the first stage of some curtain embellishing done!! Arthur stopped in for awhile and even got to make a skirt for Beatrice.

So stop by at any point this summer and you might find a work in progress (or just use the sewing machine at your convenience if you’d like!)

As far as the Land of Little Things: it will certainly be back this October!!!


Welcome Williamsburg Garment Co!

Recently we met with Maurice of Williamsburg Garment Co. I thought the idea of a one man operation selling great, well-priced denim was a perfect fit for us so i reached out to him last week.  The article in WWD from January touted him as one to watch and someone who’d been around fashion in so many ways for so long that my curiosity was definitely peaked. He arrived with a little rolly carry-on type suitcase with just about 12 pairs (most vendors will come with a coffin-like case containing about 40 pairs of oh-so-slightly different jeans in a bazillion washes…). The jeans are clean, well-priced ($102), and will definitely add a little Brooklyn to our primarily L.A. based assortment!

Starting with a boyfriendy kind of easy jean made the most sense since we’ve been absolutely stuffing ourselves into all the skinnies all winter!  To follow we’ll introduce the skinny and once y’all get the taste (and give us the feedback) who knows from there!

Just in this week: Williamsburg Garment Co!

what we’ve been up to…

Soo its been over a month since we’ve written a post on our blog  (shame on us!). We’ve been swamped with the arrival of summer goodies to our shop, photo shoots for our site, and keeping up with our customers and our weekend shenanigans! Excuses, excuses…we know. 

Here are 10 things we’ve been up to!

1. We hosted our Spring Trunk Shows & Pop-up Shops featuring Sol Angeles, Twinkle, Twig Terrariums, and the like…we even had a DIY terrarium day! So. Much. Fun.

2. DJ “Dr” Peters & the Vinyl Snooze graced us with his presence once again (we cant get enough of this guy and his record player!).

3. Lots of our customers had babies! You know who you are! We love you!!!

4. We’ve been staring longingly at this bag…it makes us want to go on vacation…like NOW:

Imagestela 9 weekender $273

5. We’ve decided that Saturdays will officially become crafting days, we will be working on tons of DIY projects at the shop. Oh, and p.s. you’re invited!

6. Our plants are still alive! Please hold your applause until August when the jig will quickly be up.

7. We have a new favorite dress…feast your eyes on this beauty from Butter By Nadia! Commence the coveting:

ImageBBN Princess Seamed Dress $275

8. We are planning our summertime BBQ…we cant wait to unveil our games! The hula hoop competition RULED last year so we are keeping the fun coming!

9. It’s officially “summer” in Hoboken: we saw someone walking down the street in a bikini. A. BIKINI. And it wasn’t this one. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

10. We are having a Red, White, and Blue Memorial Day Special THIS WEEKEND 15% off all red, white, and blue! We’ll be here all weekend helping you with your blue jean and white tee summer gear! You heard it here first!


peper gals, over and out!

sneak peek: photo shoot

S P R I N G  =  Goodies galore at peper and parlor!

lucky for us, our BFF and professional model/actress Mayra Radzinski is kind enough to lend her talents to our lovely website.

These photo shoots are oh-so-long but we make it SO MUCH FUN!

The pics below will take you “behind the scenes”  at our photographer Craig Wallace Dale’s studio in Hoboken!

oh mayra…beautiful & funny!

the master photographer hard at work

we love this piece by Mes Demoiselles

the stunner

stylist, shoot director, crouching tiger


life imitates art? we love raquel allegra’s caftan!

mayra/yomaira: the curly expert summit

a star is born! you are ahhh-mazing craig!

that over-the-shoulder smile is to-die-for lady! teach us!!!!

this is it! we can’t stand the fabulosity!


fun times at peper!

We had such a great time last weekend with Twitch & Whiskers and Folk Couture!

These two ladies drove to Hoboken from Connecticut with their awesome goodies in tow…and boy were we excited!

Take a look at the Twitch and Whiskers blog for the full low-down!!!

green-thumbing it!

we confess.

we are delinquents.

we let our evergreens die of thirst. we knew it was happening. we just didn’t connect the dots!

2012 is a new year though…we are working on our green thumb in earnest.

see below for a photo update:

sad sad storefront

anne doing the dirty work

taking a big-time break

concerned neighbors try an intervention

so green! so lovely!!!!

wear a helmet folks!

A certain Peper gal stumbled into the store last week covered in blueberry shake and limping in her Coclico Wedges.

She had fallen off her bike at the corner by Anthony Davids. She hit a bump in the sidewalk and her shake flew out of her cup holder (yes her bike has a cup-holder and yes she was riding in 4″ wedges).  Sadly she tried to catch the cup in mid-air and went tumbling onto the sidewalk, hahaha!

And guess what?

She WASNT WEARING A HELMET! She missed knocking her noggin on the curb by a few inches….WHOA!

So our gal was on her way home for the day…and all she had to show for it was a nasty sprained ligament and blueberry covered top & sweater .

Lesson of the day:

Hoboken peeps, please WEAR A HELMET as you bike, skate, or roll around town! Flo’s can hook you up in a jiffy!

p.s. up until it rained…there was blueberry shake all over the sidewalk on the corner of 10th & bloomfield…tsk tsk tsk…no one likes a wasted berry!

p.p.s. We still think riding in heels is a fashion-DO

check this out:


So Tamara and Yomaira started a 21 day cleanse last week. They are on day 7 and are digging deep to keep strong! Their days  consist of a shake in the morning, a solid meal for lunch,  and another shake in the evening.  They cannot have their beloved Empire Coffee (for yomo) and Dunkin Donuts Coffee (for tam) which is the real kicker for those two caffeine junkies!!!  They bring such great energy to the store and I can’t imagine the two of them “down” for the next few weeks!!!

They began their journey with trips to Trader Joes and Whole Foods where they explored the vast world of organic veggies and poultry, non-dairy milks, homemade nut butters and more!  Ooooooh boy!!!  They started out a little sleepy throughout the day and I was afraid I was  going to come to work to find them napping on the sofa!! So far they’ve been feeling good and we are sending them both some good vibes!

However, not having cookies, scones, or sweets in the store for the next 3-weeks isn’t going to be any fun!  Tam’s also got quite the sweet tooth so keeping her hands out of the Tamara’s Treats jar sure is gonna be hard! Not to mention, foregoing our favorite Friday afternoon ritual of champagne and dancing around the store is going to be so sad (going solo IS an option)!

Mostly, I just hope the girls feel great and get the results they are hoping for!  Please comment if you have any great recipes, cleanse feedback or just wanna pass on a few words of support and encouragement!  Good luck!

My morning at the Brooklyn Flea

On Sunday I and one of my besties, Miss Gail, nipped across two rivers to check out the happenings at Brooklyn Flea at their winter location in the old Williamsburg Bank.  We were taken aback when entering the gorgeous space. This was truly one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve been in in so long!  Vintage was mostly the thing to find. And of vintage mostly small things like clothing, accessories, jewelry, and collectibles.  There was a little furniture but not a ton.  It was super easy to park so going on a cold rainy day was a cinch.  I’m planning on going in a few weeks when i have a little more time to browse the vintage accessories. There’s a pair of kelly green glasses i can’t get out of my head!!

Our trip in was worth it to simply see the old bank.  The icing on the cake was to find two great vendors who we are already arranging in store events with! One handmade clothing and one skin products.  We will definitely keep you posted about both of these exciting finds!