mason jar? or traveling mug?

guess what we discovered?!

A lid for Mason Jars!!!

We may be some of the last folks on the planet to find it out, but the folks at CUPPOW are our summer-time heros!

Let’s talk about it…you know we love us some mason jars, and a little someone we know (named Courtney Jean) carries one around with iced tea…

guess what Court? We got you a fabulous sippy lid!

What other uses do you have for Mason Jars? Let us know in the comments below and WIN a Cuppow Lid from the girls @ Peper and Parlor!

searching for the perfect bookcase

Yomaira here on the blog-o-sphere! No, I wont subject you to my free-style rhymes (you should be so lucky!).

So Tacuma and I are on the search of the perfect bookcase. I have a vintage bookcase passed down from my family where I keep all my pertinent dissertation books at hand near my desk. I painted it purple and ka-boom! I’ve got a little gem on my hands!

ANYWAY, Tacuma feels left out and is wanting his own “special bookcase” for his tomes. We’ve toyed with the idea of building one, but really? How far will our grad student procrastination take us? We thought this, this, or even a whole new home furnished by Palo Samko would work but none of them are “the” bookcase. Are we being too picky?  On my search I found these awesome pieces by The Utility Collective appendageandbough, and unlimitedwoodworks. Do we just need to hit-up Brooklyn Flea again?

What do you think? A little too much effort on a tiny part of our apartment? Or a perpetual weekend project for me and my hubby?

yomo over & out!

P.S. this is my “dream a little dream” moment…i wish I could get my husband to agree to do this to our apartment…alas, he put the kibash on my dream!

Yomaira showed me what love is…

Now i understand.

LOVE IS: Last Friday after watching me battle the hideous hoardy, chaotic, overwhelming clutter of my office here at Peper, Yomaira showed up while I was on an errand and took matters into her own hands. For anyone who knows me you know I have the tendency to dart from this to that and do more than one thing at once. Well take this and add to it having a new baby (well, now one yr old…), a 6 yr old son, a 7 yr old step-daughter, a house, a web-launch, and you’ve got an office which just is going to come LAST on the list.

LOVE IS: Yomaira spend about 2 hrs flying through that office like nobody’s biz.  She made cartons for me to sort. (It reminded me of the television show Hoarders when they have to confront the hoarder to make throw-out decisions…) I was proud that I was at least able to make fast decisions and get this done with her!

LOVE IS: My angel, Yomaira, even thought to tack up a few found pics of the kiddies onto the wall and continue a job i’d not finished (surprise) of threading cute, woven, folky-fabric trim ribbon throught the edges of my ugly metro wall shelving.


Thanks so much, Yomi!


Tam’s world…

Most of us here at Peper & Parlor live in Hoboken. It’s a mile square little city. You can walk everywhere and anywhere within town (and even out of town). With a population of over 40,000 you can imagine that even the most established people can still have apartments or houses with tiny rooms. I find it endlessly interesting seeing how different people make the most of there sometimes small, sometimes tiny spaces! This post is the first of a series of things we find interesting, charming, innovative, or unusual about our own and each others homes.

Let’s step into lovely Tamara’s sweet pad!

Tamara & Francesco's LOVENEST!

Don’t you just want to snuggle up in this bed? I love the mix of all the painted metal and soft bedding.  Favorite touch is the wall color though.  (She confides it’s “Elephant Skin” by Benjamin Moore.)

Tamara's cabinet of goodies...

I love this pretty cabinet! Looks like there are plenty of linens for guests! When’s the next sleepover, Tam?

Perfect use of a little wall.

Especially sweet with the big ol’ portrait of Jack on top!  Tam’s sporting her lucky # on a great pillow like these from

Thanks for letting us in your pad, Tamara and Francesco! Next visit I bring the cocktails!



terrarium obsession

OKAY… so Yomaira has been yammering on-and-on about terrariums since last summer (her husband says its been going on for 3-years now) and we finally are dedicating a blog entry to her love of the little-green-eco-systems-in-a-jar!

These little beauties can be displayed in vintage glass jars, carafes, or any other worthy container. They add a little earthiness to any modern/vintage home! Yomaira has gone from buying gorgeous terrariums from Twig Terrariums NYC  to making her own right at home. With a little help from Beethoven’s Veranda (moss and gravel), Hoboken Hothouse (succulent plants), and Succulents Galore (baby succulent cuttings), many a terrerium has been made by Yomaira & Tacuma – (they even made an appearance at her surprise wedding where four lucky guests went home with a little-green-world of their own)!

These bad-boys are super easy to care for…just a little spritz of water every week or so, and some indirect sunlight! Great for those with/out a green-thumb and super cute for the kiddos!

Interested in making your own? Check this out or ask one of the girls at Peper & Parlor!

Comment below and you will have a chance to win a hand-made terrarium from the crew @ Peper & Parlor!