Dear Blueprint Cleanse,

I am writing to you to politely suggest you consider incorporating chocolate and/or wine into your 3 day program. While I do find the Kale (green) drink yummy and the spicy Lemonade quite kicky, I’m just going to be too sad without my fixes.

Your Friend,


PS. I also suggest to you that when advising people about starting your program that they do NOT do it the same day they are locked in a studio apartment with their 2 yr old attempting to potty-train the tyke.

My kitchen confession


Yes, this is my very own dinner plate. Chicken “nuggets” from applegate farms, frozen “brocky”, leftover sweet potato mash, and a glass of wine. Real classy.

It’s seemingly harder and harder to put somewhat healthy food on the table that both a 2 yr old and very picky 7 yr old will eat. When it comes down to me I just need to get on board sometimes.

Oh, how I’ve sometimes longed for those hipster, kale-loving kids who will eat the same as grown-ups but alas…that’s just not the case.

So to you I confess. Chicken nuggets can be my friend after a work day and two maniacs running around me while i cook in our tiny house.

To you I say, go ahead! Eat it if it’s easier. Enough of the culinary heroics!!

xo, Anne

Even Beazy can't believe i'm eating this crap!

Even Beazy can’t believe i’m eating this crap!

Post-buying feast at La Luncheonette…


Worth a major mention is La Luncheonette in Chelsea. This French bistro has been around forever and has absolutely stood the test of time!  After 3 trade shows this week and looking at countless cashmere sweaters, skinny jeans, leather bombers, and fancy sweatpants (yes, on EVERYONE’S fall line) we decided to treat ourselves to a fabulous meal on the west side of Manhattan.

Our lovely hostess!!

Our lovely hostess!!

Melva, owner and wife of co-owner chef, was our hostess with the most-est! She clearly loves what she does and her customers (something I can relate to!!).

Our table had cassoulet, rack of lamb, frisee salad, steak au poivre, and a mushroom pate. Plus two bottles of cote de rhone and a fabulous chocolate dessert.

Where there's smoke there's fire!

Where there’s smoke there’s fire!

Here is where we brainstorm on cocktail napkins all our genius store plans and schemes.

From our table is where we were able to bribe Yomaira’s hubby, Tacuma, to come drive us home in exchange for a delicious take-out meal of roasted chicken.

On this kind of fun and productive night we know why we have all come to find ourselves working side-by side at Peper.

Come for the ambience, stay for the butter...

Come for the ambience, stay for the butter…

We even got a tour of the butter-chamber where they have stored the biggest block of what we were told was the fattiest butter available in the US.

Thanks La Luncheonette!! 130 Tenth Ave., New York, NY 10011
at 18th St.

Bringing you the best of Los Angeles…

I recently took my first trip in a very long time to Los Angeles, California. Although I had some old friends to reunite with I also needed to get to those shops!!! I stayed in Venice Beach at Su Casa after a recommendation from a great client Marta who’d stayed a bit there while shuttling her son, Ezra Miller, back and forth for acting gigs. That in and of itself was a complete scene! Between the singing troubadours who start at 9am and are unrelenting until sundown,  and the excess of “medical marijuana” I witnessed others “treating” themselves with, I had a lot of laughs every day. I actually saw a man pulling a decorated boom-box on a luggage cart that had flags all over it and was blasting a reggae version of “the itsy bitsy spider”…

My room was actually a fantastic suite facing the ocean-how funny i felt trying to spread-out in the space the first day since i’m so used to my teeny apartment here in Hoboken!

The last time I was in Venice (2000?) you could tattoo and drink and gawk at the beach/freak show but you couldn’t really SHOP.  The gorgeous pacific has called to many more than just the boardwalk freaks. The community if filled with artists, designers, great shops, and delicious restaurants.  When I explored Abbott Kinney (a street within walking distance of the beach) I was able to find incredible things including an adorable cardigan from LaLaLand, perfume from Lulu Beauty of Seattle, delicious scented candles from Nell’s Compass, kitschy Swedish kitchenware from Lotta Kuhlhorn I  had the best lunch of my trip at Gjelina.

It didn’t end there. On another gorgeous 79 degree day I headed just a few miles up the coast to Santa Monica where Fred Segal has a location.  There I fell in love with tees from Crown Jewel and 88 Orange, Mei Vintage bags,  and more! Some of my favorite purchases are below:

I did also have a little incident at Fred Segal in Santa Monica with these lovers:

Yes, i did buy a pair of Pedro Garcia sandals at the end of Summer…they were that FAB!!! It was my Birthday prezzie afterall….!!

My other best meal was dinner at The Village Idiot on Melrose where one of my great friends, Michelle (“Meeshee”) helps hold down the fort. We had an amazing kale salad and all kinds of special num-nums and cocktails with her hubby, Jeremy. Definitely worth re-visiting and eating at again!

I’m planning another trip this Fall when I plan to shop more in Hollywood as well as shop a great trade fair so who knows what i will find next!

picnic: à la peper and parlor

We are sooooo HOT! And we’re sure you are too!

We wish we could pitch a tent on the breezy waterfront  (or at least spread a blanket there) and cool down with some yummy goodies and a cute outfit! Here is our wish list for a hot summer day!



some sparkling wine…in a can = genius


a delicious sandwich


farmers market basket (& gorgeous bike)


the perfect koi printed dress by koch

recycled sari throws (to avoid those grass stains)

a little something sweet…cupcakes from sweet

and these beauties from Chie Mihara!

now that’s a perfect afternoon!


mason jar? or traveling mug?

guess what we discovered?!

A lid for Mason Jars!!!

We may be some of the last folks on the planet to find it out, but the folks at CUPPOW are our summer-time heros!

Let’s talk about it…you know we love us some mason jars, and a little someone we know (named Courtney Jean) carries one around with iced tea…

guess what Court? We got you a fabulous sippy lid!

What other uses do you have for Mason Jars? Let us know in the comments below and WIN a Cuppow Lid from the girls @ Peper and Parlor!

dreaming of summer?


So, in anxious anticipation of fair weather and all its glorious warmth, we share with you one of our favorite summer cocktails…

2 parts champers

1 part st. germain liquor

toss in a few grapes

…and get ready for a whole lotta lounging!

Cheers to summer!

Post your favorite summer drink in the comments below for a chance to win a bottle of St. Germain!


So Tamara and Yomaira started a 21 day cleanse last week. They are on day 7 and are digging deep to keep strong! Their days  consist of a shake in the morning, a solid meal for lunch,  and another shake in the evening.  They cannot have their beloved Empire Coffee (for yomo) and Dunkin Donuts Coffee (for tam) which is the real kicker for those two caffeine junkies!!!  They bring such great energy to the store and I can’t imagine the two of them “down” for the next few weeks!!!

They began their journey with trips to Trader Joes and Whole Foods where they explored the vast world of organic veggies and poultry, non-dairy milks, homemade nut butters and more!  Ooooooh boy!!!  They started out a little sleepy throughout the day and I was afraid I was  going to come to work to find them napping on the sofa!! So far they’ve been feeling good and we are sending them both some good vibes!

However, not having cookies, scones, or sweets in the store for the next 3-weeks isn’t going to be any fun!  Tam’s also got quite the sweet tooth so keeping her hands out of the Tamara’s Treats jar sure is gonna be hard! Not to mention, foregoing our favorite Friday afternoon ritual of champagne and dancing around the store is going to be so sad (going solo IS an option)!

Mostly, I just hope the girls feel great and get the results they are hoping for!  Please comment if you have any great recipes, cleanse feedback or just wanna pass on a few words of support and encouragement!  Good luck!