“Nothing Can Hurt Me”

is the title of the newly released documentary about cult favorite pop band Big Star.

Last night at the John Varvatos shop on Bowery was a great night celebrating it’s release. The party’s highlight was the energized rockin’ performance from Big Star Third whose players included Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Chris Stamey (DB’s), Richard Lloyd (Television), and Gene Holder (DB’s).

Big Star Third

Big Star Third

It was great to see first-hand a real rock show in what was formerly the site of legendary nightclub, CBGB’s.  John Varvatos took over the space in 2008 when he called the shop “a tribute to what CBGB meant to America and to the world…But we’re not building a mausoleum. We’re gonna have concerts. We’re gonna build a living, breathing rock ‘n’ roll store. Well he did a fantastic job. Yes, sadly gone are the seedy roots of punk and indie rock but unfortunately there is getting to be less and less space in our superficial world for that to survive.  I’d rather a John Varvatos shop with live shows (Which, by the way, is clearly one of his true passions.) than another Sephora.  Don’t get me wrong, but the time and place was then and there.  There will never be another Ramones, Big Star, Joan Jett, or Jonathan Richman. They were the originals. I am fortunate to have this music to play anytime as well as never-ending stories from my friends who were there and a part of it!

Gene's guitar met my fantasy chair...xo

Gene’s guitar and my purse met my fantasy chair…xo

So glad my babysitter had the fashion intervention before i left!! I'm in Raquel (of course)

So glad my babysitter had the fashion intervention before i left!! I’m in Raquel (of course)

Thanks so much Rick Edwards NYC for the great photos!!

captain fabulous!

Our favorite Hoboken fire captain (Peggy Diaz) stopped in today dressed in Peper & Parlor from head-to-toe. So we decided to dedicate this blog post to her fabulous fashion sense!

You make us proud Pegster!


butter by nadia princess seamed dress + chie mihara wanja esmeralda


showing off her badge tattoo: proud to be the first female fire fighter in our mile-square city


do you have any photos of your peper & parlor outfits? share them with us! send them to parlorshoes[at]mac.com

sneak peek: photo shoot

S P R I N G  =  Goodies galore at peper and parlor!

lucky for us, our BFF and professional model/actress Mayra Radzinski is kind enough to lend her talents to our lovely website.

These photo shoots are oh-so-long but we make it SO MUCH FUN!

The pics below will take you “behind the scenes”  at our photographer Craig Wallace Dale’s studio in Hoboken!

oh mayra…beautiful & funny!

the master photographer hard at work

we love this piece by Mes Demoiselles

the stunner

stylist, shoot director, crouching tiger


life imitates art? we love raquel allegra’s caftan!

mayra/yomaira: the curly expert summit

a star is born! you are ahhh-mazing craig!

that over-the-shoulder smile is to-die-for lady! teach us!!!!

this is it! we can’t stand the fabulosity!


Alexa Prisco, not just “another pretty face”…(AKA: the reality star i welcome here in Hoboken)

Though the saying above is definitely overused, it was the only title for this post that really seemed appropriate for talking about my encounter with “The Glam Fairy” herself, Alexa Prisco last night here at the shop.  Currently a resident of a neighboring waterfront town and having her very own working “Glam Factory” here in Hoboken’s 720 Monroe, Alexa has been a client of ours since earlier last year. Although she’s made many stops  at Peper while she’s whirlwinded in and out of town, I still hadn’t met the well-known “Jerseylicious” castmember and make-up entrepreneur in person.  She’s a regular Sunday and weeknight shopper as our paths haven’t crossed beyond a few phone conversations…

First, I must say: Teeny-tiny, adorable, unassuming, approachable Alexa is no dummy. At 29 she is the head of her own make-up business and has branded herself since the success of her cable hit “Jerseylicious”. She talks fast and drops names and seems to be genuinely enjoying every second of her ride…she even offered to come back with her laptop to teach me to “tweet”. I love this chick. She wants to know does she “look fat” in this or “short” in that?. Answer: Really, Alexa? You are adorable and a beauty!

Lastly, with not a spec of makeup on her little porcelain face she has natural presence. She looks about 20 with the confidence of 40. I’m so excited to add this fireball to the long list of fabulous ladies that i visualize and style while i’m out on the hunt for new fashion.

When asked, “Alexa, can i talk about you?” She immediately responds “YES!” (As if to say: “DUH”!) So here i tell about my first encounter with our somewhat-local celebrity, Alexa Prisco.

I asked her her favorite “WOW” moments of meeting celebs since becoming somewhat of one herself and off the top of her head it was sharing an elevator in L.A. with Megan Mullally and bumping into Kim Kardashian in NY’s Gansevoort Hotel. She was so adorable and in awe of the “paparazzi” (who she predicts will stalk her in Indianapolis as she deboards the plane enroute to her guest appearances at NBC’s Superbowl events…)

Aside from appreciating her regular loyal business, I’m just dying to be her “BFF” because she’s smart, real, and-well-Alexa. When she’s done sporting her new Susana Monaco ensembles in Indianapolis perhaps she’ll come back and help this tired 42 yr old mom put her own make-up on!



Payaso Triste tore it up!

On Tuesday, 12/6, we had a few folks out to celebrate the launch of our website, http://www.peperandparlor.com, and Peter Diaz performed as “Payaso Triste”. If you haven’t seen him, his video, or heard his sound you NEED to check him out!  He is authentic, honest, committed, energetic, and just sheer entertainment!! I was honored to have him here in the shop performing live. I hope this is the beginning of great live things to come!!  My thanks to Peter, all my gorgeous Peper girls, the Jersey Journal and Stephen Churchill Downes for great photos!!

If you weren’t there that night look for updates on more fun live events here in the store!! We see no reason to stop….