“Nothing Can Hurt Me”

is the title of the newly released documentary about cult favorite pop band Big Star.

Last night at the John Varvatos shop on Bowery was a great night celebrating it’s release. The party’s highlight was the energized rockin’ performance from Big Star Third whose players included Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Chris Stamey (DB’s), Richard Lloyd (Television), and Gene Holder (DB’s).

Big Star Third

Big Star Third

It was great to see first-hand a real rock show in what was formerly the site of legendary nightclub, CBGB’s.  John Varvatos took over the space in 2008 when he called the shop “a tribute to what CBGB meant to America and to the world…But we’re not building a mausoleum. We’re gonna have concerts. We’re gonna build a living, breathing rock ‘n’ roll store. Well he did a fantastic job. Yes, sadly gone are the seedy roots of punk and indie rock but unfortunately there is getting to be less and less space in our superficial world for that to survive.  I’d rather a John Varvatos shop with live shows (Which, by the way, is clearly one of his true passions.) than another Sephora.  Don’t get me wrong, but the time and place was then and there.  There will never be another Ramones, Big Star, Joan Jett, or Jonathan Richman. They were the originals. I am fortunate to have this music to play anytime as well as never-ending stories from my friends who were there and a part of it!

Gene's guitar met my fantasy chair...xo

Gene’s guitar and my purse met my fantasy chair…xo

So glad my babysitter had the fashion intervention before i left!! I'm in Raquel (of course)

So glad my babysitter had the fashion intervention before i left!! I’m in Raquel (of course)

Thanks so much Rick Edwards NYC for the great photos!!

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