Summer is almost here! UPDATES & more!

Guilty as charged.

We’ve been so busy buzzing around the shop that we haven’t had a chance to blog! Here are a few Spring/Summer 2013 updates from the Peper & Parlor crew! 

Since we last blogged our very own Tamara gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Sebastiano! He is an amazing bundle of sweetness!



Our in-house photographer & marketing tech just got a great new gig at Conde Nast (Bride’s Mag y’all)! We will miss you Brenda! xoxox!




Anne & the kiddos’ have some fresh new digs in Hoboken!

Between painting, moving, and potty training the Bea, Anne’s been busy busy busy! As soon as they settle in she’ll be sure to post an update!



The rest of us have been up to no-good (as per usual)!

We have some incredible plans lined up for the summer so keep checking in on us here, tumblr, twitter, facebook…and all the rest of those thingys (OH AND CHECK OUT OUR FABULOUS WEBSITE)!



A little something from us to you:


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