The perfect present…



Why is it that we find the best presents after the holidays? 





After spending a few days on the west coast, Anne returns to us at Peper with a renewed perspective. A fresh look, if you will, on not only what we currently have to offer at Peper but also what our future will be. Every so often this type of self-inventory is crucial, it allows us to grow and pushes us, willingly or not, to that next level of greatness. The timing of course couldn’t be better, as we are eagerly anticipating our Spring ’13 arrivals.

So while we are taking a look around to see what we can make better at Peper, Anne notices (really notices) a product we’ve been carrying from Fred Design. The mixed messages mug from Fred Design, is an ingenious little mug where you can write messages of your choosing with stickers that they provide. Image

This has the potential to be the perfect present! Instead of gifting this mug blank you could write out a girlfriend’s nickname, or the name of a pal’s favorite pet, or as Anne has decided to do write your true feelings about a certain person. I know it always seems that we find the perfect present after the holidays but this gem can be given any time of the year.       


For further information on Fred Design contact Peper & Parlor 201 795-9447

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