wear a helmet folks!

A certain Peper gal stumbled into the store last week covered in blueberry shake and limping in her Coclico Wedges.

She had fallen off her bike at the corner by Anthony Davids. She hit a bump in the sidewalk and her shake flew out of her cup holder (yes her bike has a cup-holder and yes she was riding in 4″ wedges).  Sadly she tried to catch the cup in mid-air and went tumbling onto the sidewalk, hahaha!

And guess what?

She WASNT WEARING A HELMET! She missed knocking her noggin on the curb by a few inches….WHOA!

So our gal was on her way home for the day…and all she had to show for it was a nasty sprained ligament and blueberry covered top & sweater .

Lesson of the day:

Hoboken peeps, please WEAR A HELMET as you bike, skate, or roll around town! Flo’s can hook you up in a jiffy!

p.s. up until it rained…there was blueberry shake all over the sidewalk on the corner of 10th & bloomfield…tsk tsk tsk…no one likes a wasted berry!

p.p.s. We still think riding in heels is a fashion-DO

check this out: http://styleandthestartup.com/2012/01/12/be-fearless-ride-your-bike-in-heels/

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