Black is back!

Scarey nails

It was little Arthur’s idea (I swear!). He asked for painted toenails. He thought black would be cool and scarey. We agreed after Beatrice went to bed we’d do that together (after checking out the kids science website to get some ideas for his science fair project…).

It just took a turn and next thing i knew we both had 10 and 10 painted all gloppy and sloppy and black.  This is beginning to look like another “girl thing” that my boy likes. He seemed quite taken with the appearance of his tiny 6 yr old contrasting nails while delicately holding his waffle at breakfast (i’ve about given up on the kids using forks…) Now the hard part will be when he is in school and the comments and questions begin : “are you a GIRL?”…”EW you have GIRLS nails”… I asked him what he was going to do if they said or asked such things since most evidently they would, and he said “i’m going to tell them, ‘I’m a BOY’!!!!” Here is when he showed me how he’d whip his penis to prove it.

UH oh!

At this point i was not really sure how the day was going to play out. I tried to re-route his efforts into some simple concise word choices like “hey do you like my nails?” or “scarey, right?” or “say what you want i like them” .  I think he got the idea that the penis thing is PRIVATE and just for home.

When i dropped him off with Beatrice at my side this morning the last thing i heard was him greeting one of his best school buddies, Rex, with “i’m not even going to SHOW you my nails!!!”

AH HA! He loves the attention. It’s going to be fine!

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