So Tamara and Yomaira started a 21 day cleanse last week. They are on day 7 and are digging deep to keep strong! Their days  consist of a shake in the morning, a solid meal for lunch,  and another shake in the evening.  They cannot have their beloved Empire Coffee (for yomo) and Dunkin Donuts Coffee (for tam) which is the real kicker for those two caffeine junkies!!!  They bring such great energy to the store and I can’t imagine the two of them “down” for the next few weeks!!!

They began their journey with trips to Trader Joes and Whole Foods where they explored the vast world of organic veggies and poultry, non-dairy milks, homemade nut butters and more!  Ooooooh boy!!!  They started out a little sleepy throughout the day and I was afraid I was  going to come to work to find them napping on the sofa!! So far they’ve been feeling good and we are sending them both some good vibes!

However, not having cookies, scones, or sweets in the store for the next 3-weeks isn’t going to be any fun!  Tam’s also got quite the sweet tooth so keeping her hands out of the Tamara’s Treats jar sure is gonna be hard! Not to mention, foregoing our favorite Friday afternoon ritual of champagne and dancing around the store is going to be so sad (going solo IS an option)!

Mostly, I just hope the girls feel great and get the results they are hoping for!  Please comment if you have any great recipes, cleanse feedback or just wanna pass on a few words of support and encouragement!  Good luck!

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