Yomaira showed me what love is…

Now i understand.

LOVE IS: Last Friday after watching me battle the hideous hoardy, chaotic, overwhelming clutter of my office here at Peper, Yomaira showed up while I was on an errand and took matters into her own hands. For anyone who knows me you know I have the tendency to dart from this to that and do more than one thing at once. Well take this and add to it having a new baby (well, now one yr old…), a 6 yr old son, a 7 yr old step-daughter, a house, a web-launch, and you’ve got an office which just is going to come LAST on the list.

LOVE IS: Yomaira spend about 2 hrs flying through that office like nobody’s biz.  She made cartons for me to sort. (It reminded me of the television show Hoarders when they have to confront the hoarder to make throw-out decisions…) I was proud that I was at least able to make fast decisions and get this done with her!

LOVE IS: My angel, Yomaira, even thought to tack up a few found pics of the kiddies onto the wall and continue a job i’d not finished (surprise) of threading cute, woven, folky-fabric trim ribbon throught the edges of my ugly metro wall shelving.


Thanks so much, Yomi!


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