Can you explain love to me? (a little contest)

What is love?

I’m feeling stymied by this question lately.

I’m pretty sure i love (and am possibly “In love” with) my children. Beyond that I am losing site of what it actually means to love, be in love, or even be loved for that matter.  Does this make me a cynic?  Does it seem like somewhat of a negative attitude on my part?  It’s just so abstract. I’m not trying to be a downer…just looking for answers to the harder questions i guess!!

I turn to you all to open my eyes to love.  Any answers are welcomed…

What is love?

Post your answer in my comments by this Tuesday, 2/14,  and you’ll be entered to win a scrumptious tie-dyed  Love Tanjane scarf ($84 value) of your choosing!

I knew i could count on you all!!

3 thoughts on “Can you explain love to me? (a little contest)

  1. I think love is what you receive when you’re able to give the following freely: respect, tolerance, patience, curiosity and appreciation for all the ways that someone may be very different than you. When we empty our hearts of expectations and demands of others to be like ourselves, we leave room for them to fill our hearts with all of the ways they see the world differently than us. All of the ways they make things work in ways we would never see without them. Love is gratitude for finding in someone else all that we aren’t and comfort in all that we are.
    Love you guys. 😉

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