The land of little things…

So a few nights ago i went to the Prince St. opening of Chris Burch’s new venture, C Wonder. A brightly-lit impeccably-merchandised retail land of all things preppy, shiney, and inexpensive (relatively) from China. Though taken by the foldable “python” ballet slippers ($78?) and the fact that the store even sold bike helmets, I was most mesmerized by all the tiniest snacks i’ve ever seen.  Tiny hamburgers stacked high but only one inch in diameter, tiny paper cones filled with tiny french fries, tiny popsicles about an inch and a half high!  I left thinking one thing-well actually two: I need to make more note of all the tiny things i love on a daily basis and that i was really hungry (three tiny snacks do NOT a meal-capable-of-absorbing-3-glasses-of-wine make…).  Here is born my segment:  “The Land of Little Things”

Teeny Tiny passed snacks were the hit of the party!

As far as the shop, I plan to go back for a few items like a monkey-mug for $8 and another look at the cheapie footwear. As far as clothing it wasn’t my thing but the vast selection made me want to re-stock the racks of Peper and Parlor all over again! We are selling through things so quickly! I’m really looking forward to a big gift offering in our new Land of Little Things!  Now I’m off to add to our holiday buy.

Stay tuned…

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