MCMC Fragrances…the new scents at Peper & Parlor!

We are so happy to be carrying a new frangrance line called MCMC! Not only are the scents subtle and lovely, each batch is handmade in brooklyn n.y.!

here is a little more about the company: 

MCMC Fragrances is a small company founded in 2010, dedicated to creating original perfumes made with the highest quality ingredients.

Each fragrance is formulated by Anne McClain, who studied natural perfumery and aromatherapy before moving to Grasse, the “perfume capital” of France, for a more intensive study of the history, techniques, and practices of modern perfumery.

MCMC roll on perfume oils are available at Peper & Parlor and will soon be available on our online store!

 Each container is exquisitely packaged &
is travel friendly!
A great gift for yourself or a friend. $45 per bottle.

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