Boys who like girl-stuff

I just can’t get enough of my almost 6yr old son wearing his horse-dress. It’s a thermal knit henley long/slv’d dress with a print of running horses in blue,camel,and brown. He wears it only home now but i distinctly remember only a year ago when he was wearing it at Church square park in Hoboken. It was a summer evening around 7…must have been 90 degrees. Playing in the jungle gym, gleefully dancing to the live band performing (and the music in his own head as well i’m sure…)
Now the dress is out only a few evenings a month and only as a night”gown” type thing. He obviously loves it but knows “boys don’t wear dresses”. It’s frustrating to see a kid who loves something and at such a young age is already told no.
Out it came two nights ago and i witnessed him literally sashay (SP?) across the living room to the front door looking for the delivery man with his arms fluttering up and down in a two count each direction in sync with his step.
So beautiful. The thing i don’t need a video tape of because i will never forget.

I would post a picture but i’d rather you superimpose an image of your favorite boy who likes “girl-stuff”.



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